About Greg Schwab Law

When it comes to legal representation, you need an attorney you can trust. A lawyer as good as his word, who takes the time to listen to clients and understand their needs before taking action. Someone with deep experience in all areas of the law and a solid commitment to pursuing justice for the right reasons.

Greg is an accomplished attorney with over three decades of legal experience. He received his J.D. from LSU Law School with additional training in mediation from Loyola University New Orleans. Greg comes from a family of lawyers, having been in private practice with his father for many years of his career.

Greg’s accomplishments span all areas of the law. He is an expert litigator, having successfully tried and won hundreds of cases. He has represented a full range of commercial clients, from many major insurance companies to small businesses catering to the oil and gas and seafood sectors. He has extensive experience in complex real estate transactions, wills and estate successions, civil matters, disaster cases and personal injury lawsuits. He is a top mediator, with a 99% success rate. And he has done major governmental litigation, most recently as an assistant civil attorney for Terrebonne Parish.

Throughout his career, Greg Schwab has fought hard against fraud. Whether combating fraudulent contracts or fraudulent claims, Greg has earned a stellar reputation as an attorney who fights for fairness, advocating for his clients against those who try to take advantage of our legal system. As a lifelong athlete and avid hunter, he knows success comes from confidence—the same confidence that’s required to walk onto a football field as into a court of law.

Greg believes in justice, in the power of doing what is right, and in the importance of helping others. Call attorney Greg Schwab, for legal results that matter.

Gregory J. Schwab is the founder of Gregory Schwab Law, L.L.C. He is a native of Houma, Louisiana. Greg received a Bachelor of General Studies from Millsaps College in Mississippi cum laude in 1988. He then received his law degree in 1991 from Paul M. Hebert Law Center (L.S.U. ) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Greg has practiced in virtually every legal arena possible. He has represented some of the largest companies in the United States, everyday people and even children over the years. Now his practice concentrates mainly on “civil” matters, including BUSINESS LAW, INJURY CASES, DISASTER CASES, SUCCESSIONS, CHILD ADVOCACY, FRAUD, LEMON LAW, REAL ESTATE, BANKRUTCY, CLASS ACTIONS and CHRISTIAN MINISTRY MATTERS including MEDIATIONS. Greg has helped produce two separate music CDs, assisted a new order of nuns in Steubenville, Ohio and is helping promote a Catholic radio station in the Houma/Thibodaux Diocese.

Greg’s broad range of legal experience has enabled him to try numerous cases in courtrooms all around the State of Louisiana. Greg has handled cases in many different Parishes throughout Louisiana, including Terrebonne, Lafourche, St. Mary, East Baton Rouge, Jefferson Davis, Lafayette, St. Martin, Orleans, Jefferson, Livingston, St. Bernard and Plaquemines. Greg has also handled many cases in Federal court. Greg has represented governmental bodies, including the Terrebonne Parish Council and government as well as various recreational districts in Terrebonne Parish and is an Assistant Parish attorney having handled all sorts of “civil” matters for the people of Terrebonne. This allows him to represent his clients well before any judicial body, be it a local or federal court, the Social Security Administration, the IRS, or any other administrative body. Greg’s trial experience and mediation experience has been instrumental in successfully implementing his firm’s two-pronged philosophy of service and results.


Who is Greg Schwab?

To begin with, Greg is a ‘real person’ who is close by. Greg is local to the state of Louisiana. He was born and raised in Houma. He married his beautiful wife, Terri after law school graduation. In 1991, they began a family. They currently have 5 children – all girls! – and five grandchildren.

Greg takes pride in the fact that his law firm is local. He is dedicated to helping the residents of his home state.

Greg has been able to help clients from every walk of life, whether they have never been involved with a lawyer or courtroom before, or whether they are accustomed to court battles, judges and legal issues. Greg has found particular success with being able to talk candidly with other lawyers and judges and finds that more often than not, a matter can be worked out amicably if the parties try to remain as civil as possible.

In short, Gregory looks forward to the opportunity to help with any legal problems or issues. Thank you!